Spiti Tourism Society opt to give-up COVID test requirement for visitors entering valley

Shimla, April 1
The Spiti Tourism Society have opted to give-up the requirement of an RT/PCR OR RAT test for those visiting Spiti Valley. In a press statement issued here the hospitality industry of the tribal valley declared to open Spiti for the footfall of tourist, without a COVID test. ” The valley has been incomplete without tourism in the past year and we are very much looking forward to welcoming tourist to our home,” stated the note. Also read:https://himachalscape.com/no-tourism-in-spiti-till-march-2021/
Pertinent to mention that so far, the State Government has not made the test mandatory for visitors. However, preemptively making it clear, the Spiti tourism society made the announcement. Locals of Spitii have displayed highest level of awareness during COVID era, as abiding the SOPs in the fight against Corona virus they even turned back the local MLA and current minister in the government.
After clearing snow on the Manali-Leh highway tourist expected to make bee line to the heavenly abode of Buddhist Monastery and other tourists centers. Past Sunday more than 5000 vehicles were reported to have crossed the Rohtang tunnel, towards Lahaul side.
” This decision has been taken after a lot of deliberation, discussion and observation of the tourism operations so far and the confidence instilled in the community after the development and administration of the vaccine in the country. ” STS announced after keeping close the valley for one year.
People entering the Valley shall have to follow the SOP’s put down by the state government, to make sure the Spiti valley safe and free from the outbreak  It urged that the travelers maintain social distancing and wear masks inside and outside the resorts, hotels and homestay rooms.
“In case anyone displays symptoms or early signs of Covid-19, they are requested to stay home, get the necessary treatment and avoid any travel. ” said the statement.
Local coordination and vigilance committees are constituted to maintain safety and to ensure that the valley maintains smooth flow of travelers and hosts, following social distancing and sanitation protocols, it added.


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