May 31, 2020 at 1825 hours

The state government offices will now be operation with 100% attendance, stated an order by RD Dhiman, Additional Chief secretary Health here today. However the staff shall be staggered into 2 groups. One group to come at 10 AM till 5 PM. Whereas second group to start work at 10:30 AM till 5: 30 PM, stated the order. Similarly the lunch timings shall also be staggered.

The order further reads that electronic modes of office communication shall be adopted to the optimum effect. Also meetings of large number of persons shall be avoided till further order, it stated. Wearing of face masks shall be mandatory during office hours and social distancing to be ensured. “ Pregnant women and persons with medical conditions are advise to take extra precautions.”

“ The order shall be applicable to officers/ officials and research/ teaching faculty working in universities, Research institutes such as IHBT/CSIR, IITs, IIM, IIT, NIT, etc,” read the order.

However instructions regarding attendance of students as well as teaching/ academic/ research activities in institutions/institutes will be issued separately, mentioned the state government order.

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