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Vol 2 Issue 26

Vol 2 Issue 24

Vol 2 Issue 23

Vol 2 Issue 18

780MW Jangi-Thopan-Powari allocated to SJVN

Government of Himachal Pradesh allotted 780 MW Jangi-Thopan- Powari Hydro Electric Project in District Kinnaur to SJVN Limited. In the letter of allotment issued...

Vol 2 Issue 10

NITI AAYOG – Relying more on overseas variable data while projecting...

NITI AAAYOG (National Institute for Transforming India) talked in media about taps running dry in Delhi, Hyderabad Madras and Bengaluru among 21 other cities...

Vol 2 Issue 8

Vol 2 Issue 4

Vol 1 issue 50