Thursday, July 18, 2019
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MC Shimla- Half-bred rubber stamp budget

Wherein a few new welfare schemes have made news in the budget of the BJP led MC, but none referred to the root problems of the city. How much provision was increased ward wise for parking vehicles, is what the city is interested in knowing (Except Tutikandi and Lift parkings which came up after 10 years). Whether walking on the congested roads of the city was made relatively easier for pedestrians. How many overhead bridges came up in the past year and how many roads were widened, were the questions seeking answers. Whether more alternative means of transport are being planned for city, as driving in the city traffic is to entering a smoke filled hell. Most important, how many playground spaces were created in the city, is to be answered. To amaze this demand of kids has still not found any mention in the current budget.

Vol 2 Issue 25

Vol 2 Issue 10

Vol 2 issue 5

Demanding a pie from its rich heritage wealth

After being added into the ‘Heritage cities’ list, tons of funds are flowing for restoration of heritage buildings within the town. Starting from Mall...