Shimla Dec 27

Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee (HPCC) on Sunday held protests in the state to mark the three years of completion of the BJP government in the state. Party workers took out processions in Shimla and other towns to observe a “Black Day” and also started a trend on twitter called #BJPFailsHimachal.

In a statement, the party said that the state government has failed to fulfil its promises or provide basic services to the public. 
The government has failed to even help those who have lost their jobs or businesses during the Covid pandemic, it said.
Party’s social media in-charge Abhishek Rana said that the party has launched a campaign on social media to highlight the truth about the BJP government and its failures.

Meanwhile addressing a gathering State Congress president, Kuldeep Singh Rathore said, “The three-years of the state government was complete failure. While, the people of the state are battling Covid-19, the state government has drowned itself in celebration and spending corers of rupees on publicity.” 
Questioning the extravagant spending, he said that the state is already heavily under debt and from where is the money coming.
Himachal is the third state in the country that has highest number of unemployed youth, he added.
“Each and every section of the state that had been badly affected due to the Covid-19 was expecting help from the state government. The youth, those involved in the Toursim sector, the employees, farmers all were in need of assistance. However the government did not help anyone,” he said.

Day after chief minister’s statement about doing away Politics of vendata. State police booked state Congress chief and member of Assembly Vikramditya Singh and others for unlawfully, breaking prohabitary order and staging Dharana and slogan shouting against Jai Ram Thakur Government. FIR said that thirty to forty People of Congress brought out procession on the Mall road and address the protest meeting at Naz for half an hour.

It is worthwhile to mention that under Covid protocol as many as 50 persons could gather and permission have to sought for such gathering.


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