Capital Shimla city receives season’s first snow


Shimla, December 28

The hill capital Shimla city, today received the seasons first snowfall. Predictions by the meteorological department turned true who had predicted a spell of snow on 27th and 28th of December. Indian Meterlogical department had forecast snow and rain in between Christmas and New year in Himachal Pradesh .

As tourists are seen cheering the snow, locals too are delighted. Various social media groups since sunrise have started buzzing with talks, photos and videos of the white sheet.

Besides due to local roads being iced, essential supplies like newspaper and milk, etc have also been delayed.

A milk truck struck in snow. The driver and associates trying to remove snow from road to make way for daily supplies which have been delayed by one to two hours.

As per information all roads in upper shimla are blocked due to snowfall and roads in Shimla city are witnessing skidding vehicle. Initial informations.spells that tourist spot kufri received 4 inch snow. Narkanda-2 inchs, Kharapathar-6 inch, khidki- 4 inch and the weather here is still cloudy.

List of blocked roads

Following roads are blocked due to snow fall in Chopal sub Division. 1 Deha to Chopal road. 2 Dhabas to Sarain road 3. Pulbhal to Sarain road. 4. Sarain to jhoked road. 5. Dhabas to baghar road. 6. Runi to Khagna road. 7. Khirki to maroge matal bamta. 8. Dopti to pabas mashro road. 9 Maroge to Doshli road. 10. Pulbhal to Nouni Road. 11 Neripul to Thundal road.


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