Portion of 15th Century Nalagarh Fort suffers collapse

Shimla, Aug 12

A section of the 15th Century Nalagarh fort in Himachal Pradesh’s Solan district collapsed due to incessant rain. A video on social media revealed that a major landslide occurred in the Nalagarh area of ​the district following heavy rains and four rooms of the about 600-year-old Nalagarh Fort collapsed on Friday night.
The fort, built in 1421 during Raja Bikram Chand’s rule, stands on a hillock near the Shivalik hills and Sirsa river. It is presently been converted into a resort by the erstwhile royal family.

The collapsed area was a large wall supporting the balcony of the palace’s grand liquor bar. The incident was captured in video clips, showing the historical structure tumbling down the steep hillside.
Meanwhile, the road to Sri Nainadevi temple was also blocked due to a landslide and people were asked to take the alternative route to reach the temple. 


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