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Anonymous letter highlights allegations on SJPNL

Shimla, Aug 12

The troubles of the Shimla Jal Prabandhan Nigam Limited (SJPNL) which is currently in the spotlight due to recent allegations made by the former Deputy Mayor, Tikender Singh Panwar seems to be doubling as now an anonymous letter has also come to light, further suggesting corrupt practices within the organization. Panwar, receiver of this anonymous letter claims to have forwarded the letter to the State Vigilance for investigation. The letter alleges irregularities in a new tender deal that involves awarding contracts at prices significantly higher than the cost estimates outlined in the Detailed Project Report (DPR).

“I have shared a copy of an anonymous letter that was delivered to my home, which highlights malpractices within the SJPNL at the US-Club Shimla,” stated the former Deputy Mayor, who has provided the two-page complaint for reference to us.

Its contents outline several allegations, including the fact that SJPNL recently granted a sewerage network project to a Chandigarh-based company at an excessively inflated cost. The approved DPR budget for this project was Rs 11 Crore, but the contract was awarded for approximately Rs 13.50 Crores. The project pertains to the Summerhill area. The letter also accuses officers from the benefiting company of bribing the relevant personnel within SJPNL. Furthermore, the complainant asserts that paying commissions to SJVN officials is a regular practice within the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The letter blames SJPNL for prematurely transferring the project’s responsibility without fulfilling the necessary procedural formalities.


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