Sunday, June 11, 2023
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New OPD block of IGMC- Could become a potential traffic bottleneck

Only if something is not preemptively planned the opening of new OPD block state hospital (IGMC) would introduce a new traffic bottleneck for the...

Vol 2 Issue 35


Follow me around- School traffic snarls hit New Shimla now

With the shifting of DAV Sanjauli school and merging it into DAV New Shimla from this academic session, some 5000 students now travel to...

Norms only for commoners

Are the norms only to be practiced by common citizens. In the IGMC to Sanjauli road where mostly a traffic cop is witnessed writing...

Car pooling a solution to the traffic snarls

As a solution to the increasing traffic woes of the capital the district administration has ordered schools to promote car polling. Taking a step...