SantaClaus does not go everywhere, nor does it snow all over the world.  But Christmas season is here, the most awaited, celebrated time all over the world. Time for Merry making for all Christians and non-Christians, a universal celebration.

In some parts of the secular world, Christmas day is celebrated in the month of January. But the reason is same, commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.Some scholars’ dispute over the date of the birth of Jesus Christ but Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on 25th December.

It is not only a religious festival but a cultural one too. The first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated was in 336A.D,during the time of the first Christian Roman Emperor Constantine.An integral part of  holiday season in many parts of the world not only as the  widely celebrated  festival religiously but  also a symbolic celebration culturally by non-Christians .Christmas time ushers a jump in commercial phenomenon too.

Traditionally characterised by decorated trees, special punch, mince pies, Christmas cake, Christmas carols. Families get together, presents and the best of all, eager happy children waiting for Santa Claus.

Movies like ‘It’s a wonderful life’ and ‘Home Alone’ talk about the spirit of sharing and family bonds. Christians renew their faith in the lord.

The best thing about Christmas is,it is celebrated culturally by all.My NRI friends in the US have the best Christmas tree besides the statue of lord Ganesh and their children waiting for Santa Claus with their personal letter professing their best behaviour tucked away, where only the Santa can find. My Iranian friend’s Christmas spread is something to live for. My old classmate from Tibet and her Christmas dinner? Non vegetarians can make a beeline for it,the queue is long, no place for extra table mats either. My best friend in Patiala makes the best Christmas Punch. My colleague from Mumbai rustles the best shepherd’s pie.

What is it, that makes Christmas accepted universally and culturally as the number one festival, Commercially the most lucrative time of the year too

Christians believe, Jesus Christ came to the world to restore our faith to God, our Father.For all the Christians and non-Christians, the most important greeting is ‘Peace be with you’.It is restated by Jesus many times, when he walked the Earth.

 This greeting is applicable to all. Personal peace,mental,emotional strength and also collective peace. Physical and mental fortitude with tolerance. Encompassing all race, religion and culture, peace is the most sought after quality of existence.For all humans, the greeting ‘peace be with you’ and the expression ‘God bless you’ is beyond religion and it really feels good when somebody blesses you.

A non-Christian friend merely stated, “Christmas!   I feel so good about it, everything associated with it”. For a selfish moment, vanity took over me, my religion and he loves it. Then I remembered the Angels’ herald “Peace on Earth and Good will to Men” announcing the birth of Christ. Yes! Christmas belongs to everyone and we are connected.

For Peace and Good will has no religion.


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