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Shimla, Feb 13

Three doctors who were administered Vaccine recently contracted to novel corona virus at IGMC have been isolated, senior officer of Indra Gandhi Medical College confirmed.
Dr Ramesh Chauhan principal of IGMC said that two doctors who were Administerated Covid Vaccine recently contracted to novel corona on Saturday.
He said that those who have taken first shot of Covid Vaccine were found positive as they came in contact with some infected patient while allegedly adopting negligence of the prescribed norms. Now theses doctors have been sent to isolation.
Senior Medical Superintendent Dr Janak Raj clarified that any person who had completed two weeks after the second shot of vaccination attains  immunity for the Coronavirus however Incluiding the victim doctors no one is immune after first dose of vaccination.
Dr Janak said that it is wrong to persume that anyone after getting first dose for COVID Vaccine would not have chances of infection.
Moreover he also denied the speculation in the social media posts that doctors contracted positive after having first shot of Covid Vaccinatation.
“No one tested positive after inoculation of Vaccine and news appearing in the  press might be due to some confusion” Dr Janak Raj clarified.
There are lack of information among the people about efficacy of Covid Vaccination and people after taking the first shot consider that they have become immune to the outbreak forthwith.
Number of people including politicians are confusing Covid Vaccine with the Covid drug. However it should be made clear that there is no scientific developed drug to treat Covid infection.
Since most of Covid frontline workers including Doctors, Nurses, paramedic, Asha, Aganwari workers  and police officers have got first shot of Covid Vaccinatation they should not adopt negligence.
Number of doctors and paramedical staff have opted to not get the Vaccine since many of them have not completed three months after testing positive for nCoV.
Those who are recently tested positive, recovered and not completed three months also develop antibodies for noval corona virus. Such people may come forward for Vaccination after three months as study found that antibodies may come down after three months.


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