To clarify this I will just narrate a short story based on an experiment conducted on 5 chimpanzees who were locked in a cage with a ladder at the center of the room and bananas placed on the top of the ladder. An arrangement was made so that whenever any of the 5 Chimpanzees climbed the ladder  they all were beaten up. So turn by turn all the 5 chimps tried again and again and they were beaten up. Part 2 One of the 5 chimps was replaced by new one. And when he saw the banana and wanted to climb the other 4 chimps beat him up. Nothing was required from outside. The Chimps feared that bananas were associated with beating  Part 3 One by one all the original 5 chimps were replaced and whenever the new chimp tired to climb the stairs the other 4 would beat him without realizing why they  were beating him. Actually now the bananas were safe and chimps never dared to climb the stairs because they were trained and the fear of UNKNOWN was prevalent.

Situation at Ayodhaya for construction of RAM MAHAL / MANDIR is no different. Yes there was a time around 1492 when Barbaric Babur from Uzbekistan who was direct descendant of Timur lane and Genghis Khan came destroyed the temple at AYODHAYA and other places. At that time whenever anybody talked about temple he was beaten to death his family ruined and daughters barbarically raped and all atrocities inflicted on them to basically create a fear ……which generations later translated into FEAR of UNKNOWN …. Generations passed and still today if we talk about building a RAM MAHAL  the FEAR of UNKNOWN grips are mind and majority of us talk of  excuses…..why temple ?? and then some will come up with the suggestion of building schools collages hospital etc.  and say that they need peace …they don’t need any blood shed ……they have better things to do…. then to built RAM MANDIR and waste our resources.

Are we not acting like 5 chimps who want to eat the BANANAS at the top of ladder but the FEAR of UNKNOWN has kept us thinking pessimistically and that FEAR of UNKNOWN stops us from taking the 1st step and eat the bananas… We have to evolve and learn that now there is no BABUR and we are living in a democratic setup…we all want to have RAM mandir in our house and perform and enjoy RAM LEELA during DUSHERA times.

TIME has come to overcome the FEAR of UNKNOWN and relive are glorious past when we were not classified as HINDUS or MUSLIMS but were simply ARYA putras or Putris (Sons and daughters of Noble /good man. TIME has come to get rid of this FEAR of UNKNOWN and gloriously built RAMS MAHAL  in AYODHAYA which he inherited from his father Dashrath.

AYODHAYA is made of A+YODH (literally meaning No war) and AYODHAYA therefore means a place which you cannot even think of having a war with This was the ancient aura this place had in the glorious past. Kings of Ayodhaya use to rule this planet. There were AYODHAS (Soldiers which one can never think of having fight with and winning them)

Ayodhaya The city with the glorious past is today in a state of dilemma. Struggling for its very existence. There may have been various kings in the past who might have helped to make this place earn its name. Ram was a King of Ayodhaya who really had to work hard to learn the tricks of ruling but we see that the son of king was made a king by virtue of his birth …but still he had to prove his metal to win SITA in Swayamber .

When son of king become king by virtue of your birth and emotional drama overrules the merit and competition then that society is ready for its own destruction. Before Dasrath there may have been great kings …who had fought great wars , developed  state of art weaponry, and did everything extra ordinarily to make AYODHAYA the invincible city of those times. They performed ASHWAMEGH yajya  and captured all the places where ever the horse would go. The opponent king would either have to surrender or fight as a result of which the ARYAWRAT  empire extended from Astralaya (Australia) to Bali to BHARAT till Kashyap (CASPIAN Sea) in those ancient times.

We had a glorious past if we can say that RAM was a student of Patanjali it would not be an irony. The yoga and Ayurveda and the type and use of weaponry and the transport system developed in the past by Rishis Patanjali , Chirak Shashurath etc to name a few who have been branded by RAM DEV ji

Today it is pity that we are living in the land of RAMA and have FEARS of UNKNOWN in our own mind to create RAM MAHAL for those who believe he was a King and may call his Mahal or Palace… a mandir or temple …

Why today we want to distort history again…. Historically there was no RAM MANDIR but definitely there was a KING named RAM whose ancestors ruled the place AYODHAYA….if we really want to correct history then this is the right time…..RAM’s  MAHAL  in Ayodhaya  is the right nomenclature and the historical mahal will give this nation the necessary boost to reunite with our glorious past and  regain our lost glory. It will also bridge the gap between HINDUS and MUSLIMS which has gripped this society because we are none of these but were and are  ARYAS which literally means Sons and daughters of honorable /Nobel couples (in Sanskrit)

Why this FEAR OF UNKNOWN???? 


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