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Shimla, Jul 2

100 percent occupancy has been allowed in public transport carriers, notified Himachal Pradesh government today. A government official informed that restrictions on occupancy of number of passengers in stage carriage vehicles is over and cent-percent passanger capacity has been allowed as per a notification issued today.
Director of State Transport J M Pathani said that the order is applicable for HRTC & Private buses , Taxies and other stage carriage service providers. Now they can carry passangee upto 100 per cent occupancy but standing passengers will not be allowed, he added.
In a notification issued on Mar 22, 2020 the government had curtailed transport services completely to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the state. However on May 30, 2020 notification government allowed transport with 60 per cent occupancy of seating capacity within the state.
However other conditions barring maintenance of occupancy, like wearing of masks etc are still enforce. 
The decisions of the Government is likely to boost up movement of people in state transport services. Also private bus operators who did not start the operations are likely to be encouraged to restore the service.
The Government expects to improve the number of passengers in the coming days as bus services to many routes are also not restored by HRTC due to lack of passengers. 
Private buses are not expected to restore their services immediately however with improvement in number of passengers even they are likely to resume the services, he added.


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