Indian Meteorological Department

Shimla, Aug 31

South West Monsoon system which was set up in the state on Jun 24 , 2020 recorded rainfall slightly above the normal in the state of Himachal Pradesh in the month of August. However in the entire season it is still 16 per cent less than normal, informed officials of Indian Meteorological Department.

Director of Shimla Met Office Manmohan Singh said that in the Month of August the state recorded average rainfall of 265. 7 mm against the normal 262 .3 mm; which is one percent above the normal. During previous years (since 2004), highest rainfall viz 324mm (24 pc ) was recorded in HP during August-2019.

He said that  Bilaspur received most of the rain in the state as per record of 472,1 mm against the normal 299/8 mm and it was excess by 57 per cent followed by Kullu had  249.2 mm rain( 159.8 normal) and excess by 56 per cent.Rainfall was deficient by 56 p c in Kinnuar had only 34.7 mm(78.3 mm normal) and 38 per cent in Chamba had 216.5 mm( 349.5 mm normal) where as rainfall was normal or near normal in Hamirpur, Kangra, Mandi, Shimla, Sirmaur , Solan and Una district in August, he added.

Singh however also informed that cumulative rain from Jun 1 to August 31 is still deficient by 16 per cent. To date the state has received 535.7 mm as against a normal of 635.8 mm. He said that baring Bilaspur district, monsoon rains have been normal or below normal in the state during the season. He said that Bilaspur district received 25 pc excess rain recorded 901.5 mm (722.6 mm normal) in the entire season. Whereas Chamba district recorded 50 per cent less rain in the season so far had only 446 mm rain (889.6 mm normal) followed by Kinnuar got 40 pc less ( had 109. 9 mm (183.8 mm normal), Sirmaur 29 pc less got 813.7 mm(1149.5 mm normal). However Una, Solan, Hamirpur, Kangra, Shimla and Mandi district recorded normal rainfall in the season.


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