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Apple grower accuses APMC Shimla/Kinnuar for unlawful collection
Shimla, Sept 13
In a recent development, apple grower have accused the APMC Shimla/Kinnaur of engaging in unlawful collections. The growers allege that the Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu government is complicit in these illegal activities.

Former Shimla Mayor, Sanjay Chauhan, has submitted a formal complaint to the Managing Director of the Himachal Pradesh State Agriculture Marketing Board. Chauhan alleges that the APMC barriers are violating the APMC Act by making illegal collections.

According to Chauhan, market fees are being levied on farmers and growers at various barriers established by the APMC Shimla and Kinnaur. He personally experienced this issue when, on September 11, 2023, his produce-carrying vehicles were compelled to pay market fees and illegal collections at the Meri Pul location. What’s more concerning is that Chauhan claims that officials failed to provide complete receipts for these collections.

Chauhan emphasizes that these barriers are intended to collect market fees from commission agents and buyers, not from apple growers themselves. Even when presented with a Kisan Udyan card, the vehicle driver was still coerced into paying market fees. Chauhan further criticizes the rude behavior of the employees involved and notes that some of them are not providing receipts for the illegal collections.

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Chauhan asserts that this is not an isolated incident and that similar cases of illegal and unauthorized collections from farmers and gardeners are reported every year at various APMC barriers. He alleges that this widespread corruption within the APMC system results in the illegal recovery of crores of rupees from the growers and significant financial losses for APMC itself.

Chauhan calls for immediate action to address this issue and urges authorities to take appropriate measures to halt the illegal and unauthorized collection of market fees from farmers.


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