Shimla, Sept 29
Opposition Congress party leader are currently having very high demand in public life as BJP senior leaders are trying poach or allure them to their fold.
Sitting  Congress party MLA from Kasumpti Anirudh Singh said that he was being contacted by the ruling party leader to join the ruling party or face the consequences. After Congress leader Harsh Mahajan joined BJP on Wednesday.  Congress MLA from Kasumpti Assembly constituency Anirudh Singh has made serious allegations against Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur on Wednesday. He stated that he was pressurized by the Chief Minister to join BJP on WhatsApp call on Tuesday.
Anirudh said that the Chief Minister told him that join BJP, it will be good, you will get the benefit. There will also be his work otherwise it will be difficult. Anirudh Singh claimed that the Chief Minister himself had made this WhatsApp call. Replying to above allegations Urban Development Minister Suresh Bhardwaj denied it stating that there is no need to intimidate anyone when Congress people themselves are coming to BJP making beeline in the ruling party. Suresh Bhardwaj said that BJP leader had high moral and are never to scummb to such Congress pressure. Congress party leaders are today not required to be intimidated as they are approaching ruling party themselves.
Anirudh Singh said that he did not bother Chief minister warning of ‘ difficulty’ and such type of pressure as he would not leave Congress.
On being asked whether an FIR could be lodged against the Chief Minister for making such allegations, Singh said that this is a case of horse-trading and phonecall being done to scare him. Congresss leader said that it is a big matter why people are leaving. “I have many relatives who are close to the CM, they also explain that action could be taken against them by the Income Tax and Enforcement Directorate but he is not afraid.
In the afternoon on Wednesday, he said addressing media about why people are leaving the Congress like this. They are being intimidated or blackmailed in the name of Income Tax, Enforcement Directorate. Those who are not afraid are being lured with money. He said that an affidavit should be taken from all the candidates that they would not be sold.
Commenting about Harsh Mahajan who joined BJP, Anirudh Singh said that some people always got the benifit from Congress all through their life and are now stabbing party in the back.


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