BJP staging shift from ‘real’ to ‘poll’ issues

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Shimla, Oct 13

Bye Election for three constituencies of Himachal Pradesh legislative assembly and one Lok Sabha of Mandi (comprising of 17 Assembly constituencies) being considered semifinals by the opposition minded pollster and political experts is revolving around political entry of Kanhaiya,  Channi and Sidhu by branding them anti-nationalist and anti-women, these days. Perhaps stage is getting shifted from real issues, to poll issues, they state.

The gossip among these political pollster/experts is that why the bashing of ‘tukde-tukde’ gang at the time of byepolls when in the law book or government record there is no such nomenclature, terming it as jummla a term coined by the right wingers.

The state BJP has launched a scathing attack against Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi, Congress leaders Navjot Singh Sidhu and Dr. Kanhaiya, who were declared as official Congress high star campaigner for state bey-elections by Congress high command.

The allegation against Sidhu is that he had once hugged the Pakistan Army Chief and Kanhaiya Kumar a JNU former scholar is accused of allegedly raising slogans against the country.

These experts feel that these allegations are very serious and if so, it should be taken cognizance of it. ” But if these allegations are made only with the intention of political motivation and character assassination then such efforts should be strongly condemned.” they emphasize.

Moreover, these allegations against Charanjit Singh Channi and Navjot Singh Sidhu have come to the fore after the resignation of Captain Amarinder Singh from the post of Chief Minister in Punjab. “Channi has been the Leader of the Opposition during the previous government and has been an MLA since a long time but then no allegations were leveled by anyone,” they add.

Sidhu was a minister in the Amarinder cabinet.  Even then his relationship with Imran Khan and Bajwa of Pakistan were the same as today.

These pollster feel that the allegations on Sidhu have been voiced by only Amrinder Singh and his associates, whereby no other political groups has backed the claim. Moreover, known publically Amarinder Singh too has friends in Pakistan but no one has leveled any allegations against him.

They added, that “similarly, the allegation of Kanhaiya Kumar being a member of the Tukde-Tukde gang was exposed when the government, in response to a question in Parliament, said that it had no information about the Tukde-Tukde gang.”

These experts feel that such reactions of the BJP would once again seek answers to all the questions from the past referring to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attendance at the wedding of Nawaz Sharif’s daughter without any pre-determined program.

Photos of meeting Hafiz Syed by right wing journalist Ved Partap Vedic have gone viral on social media but no refutation and clarification has come till date.

Not only this, in the hearing of the petition going on in the Delhi High Court regarding the Delhi riots, the court’s remark that “these riots were sponsored” has created a storm in the political and administrative circles, these pollsters.  The verdict on this is safe and fingers have started pointing at all the political faces who have been controversial during this period.

Political analysts believe that when the BJP has attacked the star campaigners of the Congress in this way, it is natural that the Congress would also target the controversial faces of the Delhi riots in response. Because reportedly in these riots, the name of the only minister Anurag Thakur has been in discussion and he is a big name in the list of election campaigners of the state BJP.  It is believed that in the coming days, interesting debates would be seen between both the parties.


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