Shimla, Oct. 17 Ritanjali Hastir

On one hand when the cases of Covid are continuous rise, people of Shimla have thrown caution to the wind. The local vegetable market is crowed just like any ordinary times.

The social norms issued by the Government are getting ignored and best part is the Sadar Police Station is just near the market. Market seema to prove the saying chriga tale andhera hold good as people are walking in close proximity to one another giving infection a bright chance to spread and police is no where to be seen.

“In morning market is way too crowed and it gets really risky for one but earning daily bread and butter is also very important. Each day we are walking on the edge of a knife as so many people come in our contacts”, informed a shop owner in market.  

When it comes to precautions only wearing masks cannot do good for such people as customers touch items all over the shop and there is a direct contact between the two people. Sometime one touches face or nose just to adjust their mask so there hardly any safety for anyone.


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