Data by Government of India on May 24 this year. Photo used for indicative purpose only

Shimla, May 27

The Second wave of COVID-19 is more fatal/virulent than the first wave, stated a health department spokesperson. Comparing the first and the second wave data it is being observed that the case positivity rate of 15.73 in the second wave is much higher than the case positivity of 5.48 percent during the first wave. Also read:

The spokesperson added that it has been more than 15 months now, after the first case of COVID 19 was detected in Himachal Pradesh. On 23rd Feb this year there were only around 200 active cases in the state and till then, 58403 were found positive with 982 deaths. In comparison, 125944 positive cases and 1935 deaths have been reported during the second wave till now, he added.

Adding that “While the case fatality rate, of 1.68 percent had been recorded during the first wave, the State is observing a case fatality rate of 1.54 till now.”

However the state has ensured to enhance infrastructure and service delivery as per the need during this second wave, he added. He said that the Government has adequately increased its capacity of testing, isolating and treating.

A total of 1063922 tests were done in the first wave where as 800895 tests have been done till date during the second wave in such short span of time.

Another major interventions done during the second wave is vaccination. The State has vaccinated 1877950 people of 45 plus age group, with at least 1st dose of COVISHIELD. The vaccination has been found to be a protective tool against this viral disease, he claimed.

The State has increased its Covid Care Facilities (DCH and DCHC). The Government spokesperson informed that as on 1st March this year there were 11 DCHC/DCH with 440 total patient beds and 32 ICU beds. However with continuous efforts and focused

decisions, there has been a remarkable increase to 56 DCHC/DCH facilities, 3860 total

patient beds and 291 ICU beds during the second wave.

The State fixed rates for RAT sampling services at home through private sector

He informed that keeping in mind that prevention is the best strategy, which revolves around testing. He added that state has already notified the rates of rapid antigen test by private hospitals and laboratories at home. The samples collected at private hospital and their designated collection centers for Rapid Antigen testing shall be a maximum of Rs. 300/- and if the samples of the same are collected through home visits in private sector than that may be charged with maximum of Rs. 550/- (addition of Rs. 250/- as charges for home collection).

The facility of doorstep collection of COVID 19 samples in the Government sector

is already being provided by as many as 70 ambulances in the State. He said that the

facility of home sampling through private sector shall further ensure increased access to

tests especially for high risk groups.


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