102yrs old woman wins the battle against Coronavirus

Shimla, May 27
An 102 years old woman from Bhavanagar area of Nichar subdivision in tribal Kinnuar
district recovered from Covid infection at IGMC, informed a senior officer of Indra Gandhi Medical Collège and Hospital here today. Sr Medical Superintendent of IGMC Dr Janak Rak said that 102 yrs old woman was hospitalized on May 14 and confirmed positive for Covid-19 as she was suffering with symptoms of Headache, high grade fever and chest congestion.
She was discharged from IGMC Covid ward on Thursday after her test report tested negative and she recovered fully from the outbreak. Dr Janak said that the elderly patient was treated inside the Covid ward without any family members or attendants with her.
Sr MS said that responsibility of her treatment was taken by the IGMC staff which is a matter of pride for the team that they succeeded in treating her, besides her age group.


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