Shimla, Aug 13
The death toll in the Neugalseri landslides of Bhawanagar in Kinnuar district on Wednesday, went up to 17 as three more bodies are recovered in rescue operation on Friday however 12 to 13 People are still reported missing.
Deputy commissioner Kinnaur Abid Husain Sadik said that rescue operation began at 0530 hrs this morning and succeeded to recover two more bodies.
Due to fresh incident of shooting stones, rescue operation was halted at 0630hrs. Therafter in the afternoon rescue operation began again and recoverd one more body but it could not evecuated due to rolling down of shooting stones.
Meanwhile a HRTC  Mandi to Reckongpeo route bus while crossing a sliding zone on Friday was hit by a shooting stone, in which two persons were injured including one  boy  and  one lady. Both the injured  brought to Civil Hospital Bhawanagar  for treatment.
Regional Manager Recongpeo of HRTC said that among the deceased recovered from the rescue at Thach Nalah on today include two years baby girl.
One more dead body is located but not retrieved due to shooting stones Sudesh Kumar Mokta of state disaster response center informed this afternoon.
13 persons are rescued safely and sent to CHC-Bhawanagar for further medical treatment so far.
Among the deceased who are recoverd from the spot are Rohit S/o Late Sh. Sainj Ram Village Kaiya Tehsil Rampur distt. Shimla (Age: 22-25 years).
2. Vijay Kumar (32) S/o Sh. Jagdish Chand R/o Jhol PO Dera PO Sujanpur Distt Hamirpur.
3. Smt. Meera devi W/o Sh. Chander Prakash Vill Nanspo PO Tranda Tehsil Nichar Distt Kinnaur.
4. Miss. Nitisha D/o Pritam Singh VPO Sungra Tehsil Nichar Distt Kinnaur H.P.
5. Smt. Prem kumari (42) W/o Sh. Sanam Bhatto VPO Labrang Tehsil Pooh Distt Kinnaur.
6. Sh. Kamlesh kunar (34) S/o Sh Shiv Ram R/O Vill Rechuta PO Piplu dhar Tehsil & Distt Solan.
7. Miss. Vanshika (2) D/o Sh Vipan VPO Sapni Tehsil Sangla Distt Kinnaur.
8. Sh. Gyan Dassi W/o Bhag Chand VPO Sapni Tehsil Sangla Distt Kinnaur.
9. Sh. Devi Chand (53) S/o Dharam Sukh VPO Palingi Tehsil Nichar Distt Kinnaur.
10. Miss. Radhika (22) D/o Sh Harman Singh Vill Kafno PO Huri Tehsil Nichar Distt Kinnaur.
11. Sh. Bhupender Singh (29) S/O Sh. Mangal Sen, Village-Kafor, PO & Tehsil- Nichar, District Kinnaur.
12. Sh. Hukum Ram(59) S/o Sh. Bhadru Ram Vill. Nalaghat Tehsil, Nirmand Distt. Kullu.
13. Sh. Laxman Thapa (19) S/o Sh. Prem Thapa Vill. Rukum Napal.
14. Sh. Suresh kesi (27) S/o Bhopal kesi vill Triveni 3 totke PO Luham Distt Salyan Anchal Rapti Nepal .
15. Details of two deceased person are still awaited.
Among those missing are 1.Ravinder Singh S/o Sh. Dholat Ram Village Chakti , Tehsil Nankhari Distt. Shimla. 2. Sh. Surya Vansh S/O Bhag Jeet Village Nanspo PO Tarnda Tehsil Nichar 3. Smt. Gulpanchi W/O Arun Kumar VPO Ramni Tehsil Nichar Distt. Kinnaur 4. Sh. Jagat Oli S/O Naurav Bhadur Village Salyan Distt. Totke Nepal. 5. Sh. Rakesh Kumar S/O Bhim Sain VPO Sungra Tehsil Nichar 6. Sh. Mehar Chand S/O Jeet Ram Village Tikkri PO Kharga Tehsil Nirmand Distt. Kullu (HP) 7. Sh. Khem Lal Gurang S/O Amar Singh Gurang Village Gotyoda Distt. Rolpa Rapti Aanchal C/O J.P. Lala Nathpa. 8. Sh. Daleep Singh S/O Ranjor VPO Giabong Tehsil Pooh 9. Smt. Santosh Kumari W/O Ramesh Chand VPO Sungra Tehsil Nichar Distt. Kinnaur HP. 10. Sh. Karunesh W/O Rajesh VPO Rarang Tehsil Moorang Distt. Kinnaur HP. 11. Smt. Jwala Devi W/O Umesh VPO Bari Tehsil Nichar Distt. Kinnaur HP. 12. Sh. Biraj Nath S/O Jagat Nath Rukum athbis kot ward No 11 Distt. Rukum Nepal. 13. Sh. Prabhu Lal S/O Jyoti Lal VPO Urni Sub Tehsil Tapri Distt. Kinnaur (HP).


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