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Shimla, Feb 10

In view of delimitation of Shimla MC wards the Deputy Commission, Shimla today issued a draft proposal for the same. In the same seven new wards have been proposed to be added. The exercise came in affect in light of general elections of SMC scheduled to be held in April this year. In notice issued Feb 10, the DC Shimla has invited suggestions and objection pertaining to draft delimitation proposal in a period of 7 days.

As per the proposal the total numbers of wards proposed for Shimla MC have been increased from 34 to 41. Among those wards broken up into two are Krishna Nagar, Khalini, Vikasnagar and Kasumpti. Herein as per the draft proposal they shall now be Lower KishnaNagar and Upper krishnaNagar. Khalini is proposed to be Lower Khalini and Upper Khalini. Similarly lower Vikas Nagar and Upper Vikasnagar and Kusumpti shall be Kasumpti –I and Kasumpti –II.

This will add four new wards to this tally. Further among the three new ones are Dingudhar, Brockhurst and Shankali.

Earlier this month a spokes person of the Election commission had informed  that instructions have been given to Deputy Commissioner Shimla to prepare draft proposal for dividing the wards of MC Shimla by 10th February, 2022 and to also invite objections by residents of Shimla, after which the process has been initiated.

The entire process of delimitation of wards is likely to be completed by March 11, as Shimla MC polls are due anytime in April this year.

Know about the wards:

Ward number one Bharari is proposed to consists of the following important areas and buildings:
New Police Colony Bharari Bazar area, New Housing Society Area, Bharari, Police Line Area
Bharari, Housing Board Area Kelston, Lower Kelston , Hari Niwas Kelston Road Area
Logwood, Glen Mayair Area, Cregru, Snowdon Hospital, Avafill, Lakkar Bazar Rikashwa Shed Area, Aukland House Area, Chapsly Area (Below Cart Road), Below Hotel Diplomat Area, DAV School Area Lakkar Bazar, Harbans Hotel Area Lakkar Bazar, Ashiana Area Ridge, Maan Sarovar Cottage Area Lakkar Bazar
Ward no 2- Ruldu Bhatta  consists of the following important areas and buildings:
North Bank Estate Area, Fingask Estate, Kali Bari Area, Grand Hotel Area, P & T Colony, Ice
Skating Rink Area, Idgah, Ruldu Bhatta, Mythe Estate Area, Baba Building area, Upper Kaithu Bazar Area.
Ward no 3- Shankali , Lower Cart Road Area Lakkar Bazar, Old State Bank Building Area, Jalam Niwas Area Lower Shankali, Long Wood Area ( Western Part), Ever Sunny, Good Wood Area, Upper Shankali (Right Part), Lower Shankali (Right Part), Upper Shankali (Left Part), Lower Shankali (Left Part), Longwood Area ( Eastern Part), Ellizium Lodge, Main Kufta Dhar, Middle Kufta Dhar, Mini Kufta Dhar.
Ward no 4- Kaithu, consists of  Mann Cottage Area, Thakur Lodge Area, Buchail, Kasot, Dhunidhar Bazar Area, Waxlay Kothi Area, Ram Garia Sabha Area, Bachan Niwas Area, Prem Niwas Area, Police Line Area, Shiv Mandi Area, Sethi Niwas Area, Ekant Niwas Area, Snow View Area, CPWD Quarters Area, Tara Hall School Area, Lal Bag Area.
Ward 5  Annadale consists,  Petter Holf area, Awa Lodge Area, Choura Maidan Area, Kumar House Area, Dingle Estate, Comely Bank, Anand Bhawan Area, , Police Line Area Annadale, Aadda Villa Area Annadale, Thakur Bag Annadale, Gawahi, Dhobi Ghat, Lower Annadale.
Ward no 6- Summerhill -H.P. University Employees Building area, A.I.R. Colony area, H.P. University Girls Hostel, Railway Station Area, Jatogh View Area, Bilaspur House Area, Lower Summer Hill Bazar Area, Main Chowk (Summer Hill Area), Peace- Heaven Area, May- Villa Area, Teachers Colony Area, Boys Hostel Summerhill, Shiv Bowari Mandir Area Anderi, C.P.W.D Quarters Area, Bagog Village, Najroo Cottage Area, Boileauganj Bazar, Advance Studies Area, Tawi Tutu Area.
Ward 7- Totu  – PHC, G.P.Chaily Bhawan, 166 KV, Co operative Bank, Ram Dhan Building, Bangala Colony, Rain Shelter, Gupta House, Govind Mohalla, Chiranjeev Lal house, Dawat, E.W.S.Colony, Vijay Nagar, Digvijay House.
Ward no -8 Majhat -Temple Hanuman Takri HPSEB Colony, PWD Residence, G.R.Musafir Building, Chandu Building, Tek Chand Building, House of Megh Singh, House of Bilu, Ram Chand Building, House of Bablu, House of Jagtia, R.L.Dogra house, House of Shiv Ram, Rawat B.Ed. Collage.
Ward No 9 -Boileauganj – Prospect Hill, Karedu, Shimla View Area, Everest Lodge Area, Gopal Mandir Area, Dhingra Estate, Padaw Mohalla, Police Thana Area, Kamna Devi View Area, Old Barrier, Yogda Ashram Area.
Ward no 10 – Kachhighati- H.P. Printing press, Asia the down, Kachi Ghatti, Sankat Mochan, Tara Devi Work Shop up to Railway Station Forest Colony Sankat Mochan Tara Devi and up to Mohal Sandal.
Ward No  -11-MLA Quarters area, RTO Area, Mental Hospital Area, Panjari Village, Khanog Village, Bag Village, Hari Nagar Area, Upper Tutikandi Area, Middle Tutikandi Area, Murylian Park Area, Bengali Bagicha Area, Lower Tutikandi Area, Ridka Village Area, Junglee Quarters Area.
Ward No -12 -Railway Club Area, Royal Hotel Area, Railway Colony-103, Phagli Club Area, Lower Nabha (Nallah Area), ITI Hostel Area, Government House (Middle Nabha), Cecil Hotel Area, Dogra Lodge Area, Sanatorium Area, Kennedy House Area, Vidhan Sabha Area.
Ward No -13 -Phagli -Lakhanpal Niwas Area, Mohindero Shikari Niwas Area, Committee Line Area, Upper Ram Nagar, CPWD Quarter, Lower Ram Nagar Area, Dhobi Ghat Area, H.P. Electricity Department Building, Sanskrit Collage Area, Labour Hostel Phagli, Gurudwar Jyotisar Area, CPWD Area, Railway Colony Area, Gurudwara Bus Stand Area, Bansal Bhawan Area Lalpani, Richie Quarters Area, Down Dale, Bus Stand Area, Directorate of Education, May Villa Area, A.G. Colony area, Anand Vatika, Dabri Line, CPWD Quarters (Easter Part), CWPD Quarter (Western Part).
Ward No- 14- Upper Krishna Nagar- Hotel Apsra Area Krishna Nagar, Joshi Bhawan Area Krishna Nagar, Masjid Area Krishna Nagar, Luv Kush Chowk Krishna Nagar, Twelve House Line Area Krishna Nagar, Below Masjid Area Krishna Nagar, Below Dispensary Area Krishna Nagar, Vetenary Hospital Area Krishna Nagar, M.C. Quarter Area Krishna Nagar, Valmiki Mandir Area Krishna Nagar, Sikh Line Area Krishna Nagar, New Land Estate, CPRI Colony Area, Govt. Accomodation Bemloe.
Ward No-15-Lower Krishna Nagar -Darni Ka Bagicha, CPWD Colony Area Lalpani, Sr. Sec. School Area Lalpani, Block No-1 Upper Lalpani Area, New Line Area Krishna Nagar, Sunder Building Area. M.C Quarter area below Bus Stand, Below Gurudwara Building area Krishna Nagar, Gaddi Khana area Krishna Nagar.
Ward No 16- Ram Bazar Ganj – Indian Coffee House Area Mall Road, Gali No 2 Area Middle Bazar, Gali No 3 Area Middle Bazar , Lower Bazar, Ganj Bazar, Ripon Hospital Area, Pursharthi Basti, Arya Samaj Sachool Area Lower Bazar, Ram Bazar, Dawarka Garh, Air Cliff Area, Gulmarg Hotel Area, Ram Mandir/Sood Dharamshala Area.
Ward No 17 – Lower Bazar – Minerva House Area Mall Road, New Plaza Hotel Area Middle Bazar, Near Post Office Area Lower Bazar, Ridge Garden Area, Eastern Lower Bazar Area, Eastern Mall Road Area, Himachal Emporium Area Mall Road, Jain Dharamshala Area Middle Bazar, Old Butail Building Area Middle Bazar, Suzi Line Area Sabzi Mandi, Market Line Area Sabzi Mandi, Sabzi Mandi, Sadar Police Station Area, Hotel Combermere Area, Exchange Building Area, Metrople area, Cosmos Hotel Area, Oberio Hotel Area, Marina Hotel Area, Oakland Hotel Area, High Court Area.
Ward No 18-Jakhu – Gupta Cottage Lakkar Bazar, Manchanda Cottage Area Lakkar Bazar, Corstophen Area Lakkar Bazar, Upper Lakkar Bazar, Dream Land Hotel Area Jakhu, Holly Lodge Area Jakhu, Oak Wood Jakhu Area Jakhu, Voilet Hill Area Jakhu, Rana Cottage Area Jakhu, Raghunarth Villa Area Jakhu, Jodha Niwas Area, Shivalik Hotel Area, Titla Hotel Area, Smart Hotel Area, Mayur Hotel Area, Walshingam Area, Lilly Villa Area, Church Annexe Area, Green View Area.
Ward No -19 Benmore – Below Titla Hotel Area, Richmount Area, U.S. Club Command Old Mess, Working Women Hostel, Govt. Accommodation U.S. Club, Honey moon Hotel Area, Rock Wood Patiala House Area, Stokes Palace Area, Housing Board Area, Rich Wood Area, Ram Chander Chowk Area, Medical Collage Area Sanjouli, GSSS Area Sanjouli, Nav Bahar, Indus Estate, Bhumia Estate Dolphin Lodge Area , Benmore, Himachal Bhawan.
Ward 20  Engine Ghar – Saudagar Bhawan Purani Kothi Area, Pears Palace Area Sanjouli, South Vihar Area Sanjouli, Krishna Building Area, Guddumal Bhawan Area, Engine Ghar (Western), Engine Ghar (Eastern),Below Gurudwara Area, Gurudwara Area Sanjouli, Anant Niwas Area, Engine Ghar UpperMohalla Area, Bangala Colony Engine Ghar Area, Durga Mandir & Lower Engine Ghar Area.
Ward No 21- Sanjauli Chowk -North Oak Sanjouli, Shiv Kutir Area Sanjouli, Bothwell Estate, Bothwell Lodge Area, Kishore Bhawan Area Sanjouli Chowk, Neel Kunj Area Sanjouli Chowk, Goyal Apartment Area, DAV Area Sanjouli, Chalaunthi, Exchange Bhawan Area Sanjouli, Madhan House Area, Upper Sanjouli Bazar Area, Laxami Narayan Mandir Area, Verma Colony.

Ward No 22 – Dhingudhar -Upper Dinghu Mandir Road Area, Tunnel View Area, Om Niwas Area, Jubbal House & Police Post Area, Patwar Khana Area, Chopra Niwas Area, Children Park & Sukh Ashram Area.
Ward No -24 – Dhalli Market Below NH Road, DAV school Mashobra, Mashobra market, Fair Lawns, Bal Ashshram, BDO Office, GSSS Mashobra, Durga Mata Temple etc.
Ward No -25 -Shanti Vihar Upper Cemetery Gate, Dhingu Bawadi, Fraud Market, Cemetery Road & Tunnel etc.

Ward No -26  Bhatta Kuffar – Kabristan, Primary GPS Fraud, Fraud Market, Bhattakuffar Market, Daroga Niwas, Lower Cemetery etc.
Ward No 27 – Sangti -Nav Bahar, IS Chandel House, Housing Board Colony, Paradise school, Baba Balak Nath Temple, Durga mata Temple etc.
Ward 28- Malyana -Shiv Temple, Dhobighat, School Malyana, Bakhrai Temple, Primary School NavBahar, Primary school Malyana.
Ward No 29 Panthaghati -BSNL Building, CID Office, Madhu Shala, Shiv Nagar area Tibitiyan Complex, Panthaghati etc.
Ward 30- Kasumpti- 1- PWD Residential Colony, Jammu Castle Building, Housing Board Area Kasumpti etc.
Ward -31 -Kasumpti-2 -Basant Bihar, Housing Board Colony Mehli, IAS Colony, Police Colony kasumpti, IP Kasumpti, Jivanu Colony, Parimehal Area.
Ward No 32 -Chotta Shimla -Postal Colony Area, Knolls Wood Area, Nav Rattan Guest House Area, Bishop Cotton School Area, Majitha House, Dhobighat, Flowerdale, Sadhana Ghatti, Spring Field, Elersilie, Housing Board Colony Strawberry Hills, Police Station Area, Chotta Shimla Bazar, Masjid Area, Hotel Ashiana Regency Area, Pine Lodge Area, Cidar Grove Area Chotta Shimla, Tibetan School Area Chotta Shimla.
Ward No 33- Brockhurst -Govt. Accommodation Brock Hurst, Vivek Vihar Petrol Pump, Strawberry Hills, Convent View Area, Taksaal House Area, Canemore House Area, GSSS Chotta Shimla Upper Area, Shimla Development Authority Upper Area, Gorkhu Lodge Kasumpti Upper Area, Aira Homes.
Ward No 34- Upper Vikas Nagar -Mahu Nag Hardware, Sahani House (Project Office), Pathak Colony, Housing Board Colony, Vijay Nagar, Kanungo Building, etc.
Ward No 35- Kangna dhar.-1- Surya Prakash Building, Fouji Building, Mehta Building etc.
Ward No-36- Kangnadhar-2 -Housing Board Colony, Indian Gas Office, Housing Board Colony, Pollution Control Board Office, Directorate of Energy , Wireless Office, Goel Apartments etc.
Ward No 37- Pateog -Mahila Thana Building, Atithi Restaurant, Him Fed Building, Sector 1, Lane 1 & 2, FCE Building, Community Centre, Mata Hateshawari Temple, Diamond Restaurant etc.
Ward No 38 – New Shimla -Sector V 3, Housing Board V Colony, Negi Niwas, Sector 4, JCC School, Sai Engineering, DAV School etc.
Ward No -39- Khalini -Jawalamukhi Building Area Khalini, Mist Chamber Forest Colony Khalini, Upper Khalini Area, Park Area Khalini, Forest Colony, Panchi Ahatta area.
Ward No 40- Lower Khalini -Vihar-2, Bhagwati Nagar, Hari Kunj Colony, Upper Kali Mandir Muhalla, Jhinjhiri, Lower Khalini, Jungle Khalini area and Ward No -41- Kanlog -Kamla Nehru Hospital, Cliff in Estate, The Nest, Middle Lane, Upper Taland, Hotel Him Land Area, Taland, Shiv Puri, Dyerton Beer Khana, Kanlog, Village Kalyaan, Old Beer Khana Kanlog, Paras Dass arden Kanlog, Little Sun Area, Morley Bank Area Nigam Vihar, Victoria Palace Area Nigam Vihar, Alen Bank Area.


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