Shimla, April 13- Drone breaches security at MLA’s residence in Dharmshala
In a recent incident, former Congress minister and Member of the Assembly from Dharmshala, Sudhir Sharma, reported a security and privacy breach at his residence in Rakkar, Dharamshala. On Wednesday evening, a drone was spotted entering his residential area and was seen hovering and filming the entire area for approximately 20 to 30 minutes.
Expressing concern over the illegal entry of drones into the state of Himachal Pradesh, MLA Sharma has alleged that this incident is a breach of security and privacy of his residence and could potentially be a threat or a part of a conspiracy against him. He has demanded immediate action from the police. He has requested that the surrounding area be searched to prevent unwarranted incidents.

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MLA Sharma’s Personal Security Officers, Rohan Shupta, Constable Sahil Gupta, and Shubham Sood (P.A), also noticed the drone during the incident. MLA Sharma has requested that a person from the district police be attached to him until the interrogation process is complete.
This incident has raised concerns about the safety and privacy of ruling MLAs in Himachal Pradesh. MLA Sharma has demanded prompt action from the authorities to investigate the incident and prevent any further security and privacy breaches in the future.


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