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Fruit Commission agents force HP government to accept their demands

Shimla, July 21

The Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu-led government in Himachal Pradesh has come to an agreement with the Fruit Commission agents, leading to the resolution of a two-day-long protest. The state government spokesperson confirmed that after consultations with Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, all commission agents returned to the Apple markets.

The core issue was related to the method of selling apples in the market. Initially, the government had mandated that apple crops should be sold based on their weight, which the Commission agents vehemently protested against.

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After discussions with the Chief Minister, it was agreed that the Commission agents could sell apples in lots without weighing them, but this would be subject to the farmers’ consent. If the apple growers preferred to sell their crops based on weight, then the Commission agents would be required to adhere to that method as well.

The situation in the Paprala apple market had been tense for the past two days, with Commission agents refusing to sell apples and other fruits in support of their demands.

Following this resolution, the government plans to issue a fresh notification based on consultations with the Commission agents, which would permit the selling of apples both by weight and in lots, giving more flexibility to the stakeholders involved.


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