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Himachal Pradesh assembly contemplating live sessions, monsoon house to focus on climate and public issues

Shimla, Sept 16

In a development, the Himachal Pradesh Assembly is considering the possibility of conducting live sessions, following the precedent set by the Parliament and other legislative bodies. Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania revealed that the Vidhansabha Secretariat is currently in consultation with the state government regarding the possibility of this initiative.

As the Monsoon Session is set to commence from September 18 to 25, Speaker Pathania provided a sneak peek into the proceedings. Notably, over 70% of the business and inquiries scheduled for discussion in this session are related to rain-fury, especially in the wake of recent monsoon disturbances.

This session holds exceptional importance due to the recent flash floods that have affected the region. It is anticipated to be a historical event in the legislative assembly’s records, as it aims to address future climate-related challenges and similar incidents. The agenda includes a wide range of topics, all of which are in the public interest, such as flash floods, natural disasters, and unpredictable weather patterns. These issues will be generously allocated time, and any member is welcome to raise relevant concerns for debate and discussion, following parliamentary procedures.

Speaker Pathania informed that a total of 743 queries have been submitted by members, with 547 already scheduled for discussion and 196 remaining un-starred. About  451 -star queries were received online and 96 offline, and from the 196 unstarred queries, 144 were received online and 52 offline he disclosed. Additionally, one matter each has been raised by members under rule 61, 121, 124, three under rule 101 (private members), and nine under rule 130.

In a noteworthy accomplishment, Speaker Pathania highlighted that the previous budget session of the Himachal Pradesh State Assembly achieved a remarkable 94% productivity rate, with a record-breaking 1215 queries discussed and addressed within the house.

Furthermore, for the first time, the assembly is considering taking up queries during the zero hour, allowing members to raise urgent matters for discussion while keeping routine business in mind.

Addressing concerns about legal matters, Speaker Pathania clarified that the Assembly Secretariat has not received any notice from the Himachal Pradesh High Court regarding the civil writ petition filed by twelve BJP MLAs under Article 226 of the Indian Constitution. He emphasized that this matter does not fall under his jurisdiction as the Speaker of the Assembly.

In an effort to ensure the smooth conduct of the upcoming monsoon session, Speaker Pathania also confirmed that he is convening an all-party meeting on September 17. The objective is to facilitate a harmonious and productive legislative session that addresses critical issues concerning the state and its citizens, he hoped.


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