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Gram panchayat pradhan arrested for alleged abetment to suicide

Shimla, Sept 16

The Gram Panchayat Pradhan of Basa Panchayat was taken into custody on charges of abetting the suicide of the Deputy Pradhan, who tragically took his own life last Friday.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mandi Dev Raj, has officially confirmed that a suicide note was discovered among the possessions of the deceased Up-Pradhan, Diwan Chand Gupta, at the time of his demise.

Reportedly, the suicide note detailed allegations made by the late Up-Pradhan against the accused Pradhan. The allegations included claims of the Pradhan’s involvement in an illegal plot allocation, as well as alleged participation in corrupt and fraudulent activities.

In response to this grave situation, the police promptly registered a case against Panchayat Pradhan, Rajendra Kumar under Section 306 of the Indian Penal Code, which pertains to abetment to suicide.

DSP Mandi Dev Raj further informed that the District Sessions Court had recently dismissed the Pradhan’s anticipatory bail petition in connection with the suicide case of the Deputy Head of the Gram Panchayat.

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Following the rejection of the bail plea by the court, law enforcement authorities wasted no time in taking the Panchayat Pradhan into custody. Foul play of abetment to suicide couldn’t be denied as investigation has been started in the matter.


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