Shimla, April 4- Himachal Pradesh Government to Probe Recruitment malpractices by Shimla Cleanways

The Himachal Pradesh Government has announced that an inquiry will be conducted into malpractices that occurred in the recruitment of employees by the outsourcing company Shimla Cleanways during the previous government’s tenure. The Deputy Chief Minister, Mukesh Agnihotri, made this announcement in the state assembly in response to a walkout by the opposition BJP on the issue of outsourcing employees.
Agnihotri accused the previous BJP government of indulging in illicit recruitment trades during their five-year term while implementing the policy to outsource employees. He added that the Shimla Cleanways company had recruited on a large scale and cheated unemployed people in the state. The company had received Rs. 40 crores from the government. An investigation would determine to whom the company paid money and whom it did not.
The Deputy Chief Minister also criticized the opposition BJP for walking out of the assembly, stating that they had no right to do so as they were responsible for the termination of jobs of outsourced workers. He said that it had not been even 100 days since the BJP lost power, and they should reflect on why they were ousted from power by the public.
Agnihotri added that the government had not issued any orders to remove outsourced workers, and decisions would be made based on the cabinet subcommittee’s recommendations. He also announced that the government had decided to fill up all functional 5,000 posts.


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