Shimla, August 13
The Himachal Pradesh assembly adjourned sine die after remaining in four days monsoon session here on Saturday. Speaker Vipin Singh Parmar said that this was 15th session of the 13th Legislative Assembly of state, which concluded  successfully at 1930 hrs at the council chamber.
The monsoon session started from August 10. Speaker said that proceedings of this august house lasted for 22 hours 40 minutes in four days. He said that in the last five years, so far, a total of 140 meetings of the 13th Legislative Assembly have been held, which shows that the members have unwavering faith in the democratic system and have great respect for the high traditions and dignity of the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly.
He said that even though the winter session of the year 2020 also had to be postponed due to covid-19, despite, 140 meetings could be held.
During these 5 years, a total of 10513 information has been received from the members in the form of questions, out of which 7414 starred and 3099 unstarred questions, were sent to the government for further action.
In these 5 years, a total of 77 Government Bills were introduced and out of which 69 were passed.  In the period a total of 683 reports were submitted by committees of the Sabha. He said that in the last 3 years, the corona epidemic had shook the whole world, our country and state were also involved in it. “We conducted all the sessions except one winter session in spite of the most critical times.  Questions were also raised, discussions were also held, bills were also passed but the terms and conditions fixed for covid-19 were strictly followed.
He added that during these five years, the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly witnessed many programs.  In the year 2018, Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference Zone-IV was organized in the Legislative Assembly.  The then Hon’ble Speaker of Lok Sabha Sumitra Mahajan was specially present in this program.
President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind addressed this honorable House in September, 2021 on the occasion of Golden Year of Himachal Pradesh State. He started that 100 years ago on September 1921, the first All India Conference of Presiding Officers was held in Shimla.  The Legislative Assembly got the opportunity to organize the Millennium Celebration of the same conference from 16 to 19 November, 2021 in which the Presiding Officers of Legislative Councils and Legislative Assemblies of 23 States were involved.  and especially the Chairman of All India Presiding Officers’ Conference and  Speaker of Lok Sabha, Om Birla himself was present in this House .


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