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Mandi, Aug 24 ( Roop Lal Kaundal )
Farmers of Balh constituency will protest against the proposed airport by making a human chain on 30 places in affected villages. The organisation raising the voice of farmers, Balh Bachao Kisan Sangharsh Samiti, planned to protest on 26 August in these villages.
Joginder waliya, the president of Balh Bachao Kisan Sangharsh Samiti stated that to attract the mind of Central government and state polity on our prolonged demand of turn down airport proposal of Balh valley we planned this human chain protest. On 26 August, the farmers who are going to lose their fertile land for the proposed airport will make human chains on 30 patches in these affected villages. The protest will be conducted amidst 4 to 5 o’clock with keep in mind social distancing. Secretary of Samiti Nand Lal Verma said farmers will make human chain on 3 places at Bhaur village, on Dugrai 4 places, 3 places on Dhawan, 4 places in shyah, 4 places in Tawa, 4 places in Kummi and also 4 places in Kuthyal with poster and slogan strips. He said that affected farmers will show their strength and keep their demand before the government to to shift this airport proposal to other suitable places.


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