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IIT Mandi enlisted to Investigate Tarna Hill monsoon vulnerability

Shimla, Aug 18

The District Administration of Mandi has approached the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi to investigate the vulnerability of Tarna Hills during the ongoing monsoon season.

The hills, situated at an altitude of 300 feet above sea level, have shown signs of fragility, causing concern for the local population that has lived there for centuries.

Tarna Hills, renowned for its historic Hindu shrines built in the Nagari architectural style, have experienced sinking ground and structural damages to homes.

The Deputy Commissioner, Arindam Chaudhary, has written a letter to the Registrar of IIT Mandi, requesting an urgent survey of Tarna Hill to provide technical guidance for necessary actions to safeguard the densely populated region.

The Administration is anticipating IIT’s team of experts to conduct the survey and provide recommendations for the next steps in preserving the area


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