Monsoon devastation: CM urges Himachal Pradesh MPs to raise Issue in Parliament 

Shimla, Aug 19

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister, Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, has called upon the opposition BJP MPs representing the state in both the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to address the pressing issue of the devastating monsoon rains in the parliament. Speaking during a media interaction, Sukhu expressed concern over the lack of attention given to the unprecedented rain disaster in Himachal Pradesh by the four MPs from the state in the recent monsoon session. He extended his gratitude to Union Minister Amit Shah, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and BJP President JP Nadda for their inquiries into the rain situation and their willingness to provide assistance as per the state’s needs.

In a related development, BJP President Rajiv Bindal pledged the party’s support to the Congress-led government’s efforts in restoring normalcy in the flood-hit state. He emphasized that the BJP would collaborate closely to provide aid and assistance. However, the Congress party also urged Bindal to ensure that the worsening state of affairs in Himachal Pradesh gains attention and support.

Meanwhile, a viral video on social media captured a confrontation between Nachan MLA Vinod Kumar and the SDM of Mandi district. The MLA advocated for the distribution of tarpaulins to families affected by the heavy rains. However, the SDM, who had personally surveyed the area and identified the affected families, became emotional during the disagreement. The issue was eventually resolved amicably.

Reports indicate that certain unaffected families are pressuring the administration to provide them with blankets and tarpaulins. However, the state and district administrations are under pressure from genuine beneficiaries who require shelter, rations, and protective materials to safeguard their belongings from the ongoing danger. Some BJP MLAs have called for the early convening of a monsoon session in the Himachal Pradesh Assembly. In response, the Chief Minister rejected the proposal, citing the worsening monsoon conditions. Instead, he emphasized that legislators and MPs should focus on connecting with and assisting their constituents affected by the heavy rainfall.


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