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Shimla, Jun 9
Including Himachal Pradesh Director General of Police Sanjay Kundu samples of 33 officials were drawn in state police headquarters on Tuesday. Spokesman of the state police and Superintendent of Police Kaushal Sharma said that after death of a 61yrs old COVID-19 patient in National Capital Region early today, including the DGP samples of 33 official were drawn for SARS-COV-2 on Tuesday.
He said that deceased was in the state capital town on Jun 1 and he greeted DGP Sanjay Kundu in police headquarters. Kundu had taken charge as state police chief on May 30. The deceased had returned to Delhi on Jun 1 and the DGP came to know about his demise today.
After the confirmation of the demise DGP Kundu decided to self quarantine himself and police headquarters were sealed today by not allowing any outsiders to enter inside, stated Sharma.
Police HQ has been properly sanitized and random sampling the all 33 Official ( who expected to came in contact with deceased) have been drawn.
“However police HQ is functioning normally as it has been properly sanitized every day before opening for the day to day working.” observed Sharma.
“Only those lobbies and areas inside the headquarters visited and used by the victim are placed under seal and sanitized properly and rest of the premises in the HQ would function normally without hampering the police daily working inside it.” he said.
He said that following the protocol all officials who came in contact with the deceased would be in self quarantine till the time their test report do not come out negative,he added.
The results of the samples drawn today likely to confirm tomorrow. In the state total number of COVID-19 positive cases increased to 429 as 18 People tested positive in the state in last 24 hrs.


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