Shimla, Mar 3

Poltical stalemate mounted further in the hill state as Congress Members of Assembly blamed the Jai Ram Thakur Government for imposing emergency by restraining their movement in the Assembly complex.
Allegations were leveled by Leader of Opposition Mukesh Agnihotri today while interacting media person outside state assembly complex.
Govt is trying to curb the freedom and movement of Congress MLAs as they are not being allowed to enter their Assembly residential houses.
 We were not able to get milk and other daily use commodities from the outside  as Jai Ram Thakur Government has imposed emergency against them by posting police force in every nook and corner of Assembly Complex, CLP leader alleged.
Congress members were deliberately kept out of Assembly by Chief Minister after hatching a well planned conspiracy he alleged blaming Jai Ram Thakur and others BJP Ministers of manhandling them in Assembly complex on Feb 26.

Congress members welcomed Guv Bandaru Datatrya in the house by standing on their seats as he entered in the house to deliver the address. But the Congress MLAs who were protesting against the Govt’s failure at the Assembly gate were manhandled by the Jai Ram Thakur Ministers and Vidhan Sabha deputy speaker by pushing them away from the spot.
We wanted to talk with the Guv however deputy speaker, who is expected to give respect to Leader of opposition, pushed thrm aside in a deliberate move so that they couldn’t talk.
Agnihotri alleged that instead of taking action against the misbehaviour of BJP Minister they were booked and later the five were also suspended from the house.
Replying to this query that they should adopt restraint before resorting protest as Guv was accompanied with his family members he said that if Government was so serious about the divinity of Guv why was his departure planned from the protesting site.
Congress members alleged that they were deliberately kept out of house as spl session of assembly was convened on the behast of Govt plan in which treasury benches suspended Five MLAs Including CLP leader Mukesh Agnihotri, Senior Cong member Harshvardhan Chauhan, Vinay Kumar, Satpal Raijada, and Surinder Thakur for the entire budget session.
It is first time in the history of state assembly when special house is being held in absence of opposition. Where it’s members were deliberately suspended without giving them opportunity to respond about the alleged offences, stated former Deputy Speaker Jagat Singh Negi after Congress staged out for third time in the session .
CPI (M) Rakesh Singha said today while speaking on the Guv address that convening session with four minutes short notice is not justified.
It is not healthy trend for the democracy that ruling party wants to run the house without  opposition. He said Govt should end this deadlock to save the institution from damage.
They may be wrong while protesting against the Guv but Goverment could not play the role of opposition by keeping them away from the house proceedings. The situation should not been made more worse by teaching the opposition a lesson as being done added Singha. Besides that who would point out mistake of Goverment in absence of opposition, he questioned.
He also appealed to the Government and state assembly to expunge the remarks being made against the members of the house who are not present in Assembly.
The way BJP named late sitting Member Sujjan Singh Pathania and Vikramdittya Singh, Singha pointed out that it is against the decrum of the house to refer members in their absence.


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