Kinnaur district’s vital lifeline restored: Road to Spiti reopens after landslide blockage

Shimla, Sept 12

Updated at 1456 hours

The alternative route being used by people of Kinnaur district via NH 505 through Kaza, Kunzum to Manali, which had got blocked, this morning because of a landslide has now been opened, confirmed the district administration.

In a morning report AT AROUND 9 am, Kinnaur district in Himachal Pradesh had found itself entirely isolated from the outside world due to a landslide that occurred near the Pooh area of the district. This incident had severed the tribal district’s vital link to the Spiti valley, which served as their lifeline for the past four days.

Kinnaur’s Police Chief, Vivek Chahal, had confirmed that a landslide struck near Nesang Jhulla, near Pooh on Kaza route, resulting in the complete disruption of road communication towards the Spiti valley.

Earlier on September 8th, a massive landslide taking toll on 300-400 meters stretch at Nigulsari in Kinnaur had already severed access to the district through NH 3. In response, traffic had been rerouted through NH 505, passing through Kaza, Kunzum pass, Koksar, and Manali.

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