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NH 5 Parwanoo to Dharampur temporarily closed for repair & maintenance

Shimla, Sept 12

The Himachal Pradesh police have announced the temporary closure of National Highway No. 5 (NH-5) from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM today for essential maintenance, according to an official statement on ‘X’. This development comes as repair work continues on the Hindustan Tibet National Highway -5, which suffered extensive damage due to a landslide following heavy rainfall on August 12. The closure encompasses all types of vehicles and is expected to impact commuters in the region.


The closure, authorized by local authorities, was attributed to the need for critical maintenance work on NH-5. The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has been actively involved in the ongoing repair and restoration efforts following the landslide that caused a section of the road to cave in near Chakimod, between Parwanoo and Dharampur in the Solan district. The damage was extensive, leading to a complete washout of a stretch of the highway.

Although a temporary solution allowed partial traffic movement after the incident, comprehensive repair and restoration work is still underway. The closure of NH-5 today is a necessary step to ensure the safety and integrity of the highway amid ongoing repair work. Commuters are advised to plan their journeys accordingly and use alternative routes during the specified closure period. Local authorities and NHAI continue to work diligently to restore NH-3 to full functionality, addressing the concerns raised by the community and ensuring the safety of all road users.

Noteworthy here that the Former Deputy Mayor of Shimla, Tikender Singh Panwar, has taken a stand against the perceived negligence in construction of the highway. He has lodged a First Information Report (FIR), asserting that both NHAI and the construction company failed to address the situation adequately, which led to the severe damage and disruption. However, no action has been noted in the public domain by the authorities so far, in the matter.


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