Shimla, Nov 26

The first art of the science Doppler weather radar station commissioned on Nov 21 attourist resort Kufri, a spokesman of IMD department informed. 
A doppler weather radar (DWR) has been installed at Kufri – the first in the state – which will help weather officials in a more accurate form of short-term forecasting (nowcasting).

This facility would help the weathermen and disaster management authority to avert loss of life property and other eventiuality by issuing warning and taking mitigation measure in time in the specified area before the spree, spokesmanconfirmed.
The Kufir and Mashobra belt of this district is hail prone and it would help to manage the crop loss being rendered toripen crops and vegetables in the areas by intime warning of the natural phenomenon. 
Such a radar uses the doppler effect in waves (the sound of an oncoming train is shriller  than a train moving away because of the doppler effect) to measure detailed information about a storm’s internal wind flow and structure.
This includes the height and area of clouds, movement and direction of clouds, water content in the clouds, speed of the water droplets, the wind within a cloud system and also the turbulence in a cloud.

Meteorological officials said that the range of the radar is a radius of upto 100 kilometres. “It will observe and provide weather data of 100 km in all directions, and will provide a more precise area-specific weather nowcast. 
Based on its observations, timely warnings for a particular place can be issued in case of severe
weather such as hailstorm, thunderstorm, heavy snowfall, gusty winds
etc.,” the spokesman confirmed . 
The radar, which is fully automatic and works round-the-clock, is currently running on test mode for a two-week period. Officials said that in the future, two more doppler radars will be installed at Mandi and Dalhousie.

State houses six surface weather observatories, 23 automatic weather stations and around 70 automatic rainguage stations. For long-range and long-term forecasting, satellite data is used.


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