Martyr family met Gov. warns to return Kiriti Chakra


Shimla, Sep

The family of a Kirti Chakra awarded soldier Late Anil Chauhan from Kangra district reached Raj Bhavan on Monday to return the gallantry award to the Governor as they blamed successive state government for failing to honour his sacrifice.

Kirti Chakra is the second-highest peacetime military award given for gallantry. Ashoka Chakra is the highest honour in the category.

Talking to media, Raj Kumari soldier’s mother said her son got martyred when he was just 23 during ”Operation Rhino” in Assam and over the years various state governments failed to fulfill its promises of naming the school after Chauhan and building a gate in the village in his memory.

Fed up with the inaction shown by successive governments, she came along with other family members to return the award to the Governor as the promises have not been fulfilled even 18 years after her son’s grand sacrifice.

Speaking to the media, the CM said he had just come to know that the promises made by the then state government 18 years ago were not fulfilled and he asked the family to come to his office for immediate redressal of their grievances.

The family said they would visit his office after meeting the Governor.




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