Kuldeep Singh

Cong seeks public disclosure revenue

Shimla, Oct 19

BJP president Jagat Prakash Nadda would lay virtual foundation stone six such offices at Nurpur, Kangra, Sundernagar and Kullu on Oct 22 during the Navratri festivals, alleged Party state Congress Chief Kuldeep Singh Rathore during a press conference.

State Unit of Congress Party came down heavily on the ruling BJP in the centre for spending national resources recklessly on construction of a luxurious party offices in the country seeking public disclosures of revenue collection.
He said that BJP should disclose about the collection of resources to build up six offices in the district units. He said that during the hard time of Pandemic when people of state and country are suffering due to loss of jobs and livelihoods, BJP is going to become the ‘richest party in the world’.

”Party have similarly built up five star party office at Delhi, soon after the demonetisation however speculation continue till now about the actual spending on this luxurious building, expected have built up after spending Rs 700 to Rs 800 Cr  moreover there are also rumours that  BJP had spent as many as Rs 1000 Cr on the same”, said Rathore.

He also said alleing that ruling party did not respond to RTI queries about Delhi party office. The way BJP is spilling money in the Bihar election and using the muscle powers to curb the voice of opposition indicates that it became ruthless to grab the power.

” Hotel, Guest houses and Hospitality industries are defunct under the BJP rules in the state, owners are seeking exemption of collection of power, water and taxes charges or seeking discounts, farmers are forced to pay the compound interests on the farms loan, Employees of  media houses getting wages after gap of eight to nine months, BJP is busy in collecting  crores of rupees to build party offices ” said Rathore in an awe.

He charged that prime minister’s care funds collected massive amounts in the name of Covid-panemic , inflated taxes Transport, Power and water bills are being charged from the common men.

Responding to the allegations, BJP’s State Chief Trilok Jamwal said “Offices of his party are being built because of the dedication of the party workers. He further stated that the offices of BJP stand tall on the sweat and blood of the party workers and Congress party should not be raising questions on it as Congress has touched a new height of corruption by submitting a bill of 11cr to the center government in this difficult period of Covid-19.”


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