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Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has reportedly issued new norms to unify driving licenses and vehicle registrations in India. These new rules will be enforced pan-India from Oct  2019. The government body has issued these norms so as to create a National central on-line info for all drivers and vehicles.

As per the new norms, the driver’s licence and vehicle registration card can have a similar look and options across all states in India. The new driving licenses will feature a QR code to assist authorities keep track of offenders. It’s same that the QR code feature are ready to keep a record of the driver’s information – together with traffic violations – for upto ten years. The government will also embed a chip in the license which will work using near-field communication (NFC) technology and will also print an emergency contact number on its reverse side. To boot, these new licenses can contain data regarding differently-abled drivers and the modifications done to their several vehicles to assist them drive.

The new vehicle registration card will also follow a format similar to the new driving licenses. It has been reported that the registration card will feature the embedded chip on its front, with a QR code at its back. The card will contain information like vehicle owner details, fuel type, emission details, and chassis and engine numbers.

Reportedly the new, technologically advanced cards will be of a far better quality than the present cards.


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