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Shimla, Dec 31
The historic Ridge ground was evacuated over Covid concern at 1930 hrs by the Shimla police, confirmed a senior officer of district administration.
Talking about it District Magistrate and Deputy Commissioner Shimla Aditya Negi said that Ridge and Mall road were evcuated this evening as the massive crowd gathered on the ground and it was threat for the Covid protocol .
We had quelled the crowds by making public annoucements on the loud speakers that tourists who are gathered at the Ridge should return to their hotels and guest houses as it is not safe for them to remain in the crowd.
We have recived an input that crowd may breach the Covid SOPs of the Ridge ground in wake of massive gathering and footfall of the new year.
We had already made annoncement yesterday to the tourists and local residents that if need be and in case of massive gathering, administration could evacuate the ridge in light of covid threat stated officials.
However it is pertinent to mention that since carrying capacity of the town is almost over tonight  there is no place in town which could accommodate the visitors who may have come here to for only this night. Many of them who would have come here to relish the night, may get struck unless properly accommodated.
We would not allow the gathering to assemble in large number as it could spike Covid if the people would be allowed to remain on the Ridge and Mall Road , Deputy Commissioner added.
A police officer said that they are asking people and new year revealers to move their respecfive destinations till 2200 hrs as no one would be allowed on the Mall and Ridge ground .


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