NSG commando cordon off Shimla food eatry blast site on Sunday
Shimla,  July 23
A team of the National Security Guard (NSG) cordoned off the eatery on Mall Road today, where a massive blast occurred on Tuesday due to an apparent LPG gas leak. The incident resulted in one person losing their life, while 13 others sustained injuries.

The NSG team was deployed to rule out the use of an improvised explosive device (IED) in the blast. According to Director General of Police, Sanjay Kundu, the NSG’s involvement in the investigation follows the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

The State Special Investigation Team (SIT) is currently conducting an investigation, with support from the FSL team Junga and the state police, although the official report is yet to be released.

The NSG, renowned for its expertise in such matters, arrived at the blast site around 0800 hrs on Sunday with a dozen commandos.

The blast occurred on Tuesday evening at Himachali Rasoi eatery, which is known for serving Himachali cuisines. The eatery is located in Middle Bazaar, close to the fire brigade office, in the heart of the town.

Preliminary investigations and forensic examinations by the DGP indicated that the blast was caused by a gas leak from two LPG cylinders. Fortunately, more casualties were avoided as the place was closed for maintenance at the time of the incident.

However, due to the high intensity of the explosion, which shattered windows of several shops and houses nearby, suspicions arose about the cause of the blast. The sound of the explosion was reportedly heard from miles away.

To ascertain the actual cause of the explosion, a team from the National Bomb Data Centre of the NSG is conducting a post-blast investigation.

The sensitive location of the blast site, near the Police Reporting Room, has made the investigation crucial, and the specialized services of the NSG are being utilized to determine the cause of the blast in accordance with the government’s SOP



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