Shimla, Dec 15
Opposition Congress today raised the issue of undue delay of payment of contractor tune to Rs 200 Cr in the public works department due to the unnecessary conditions of M-form.
Raising the issue in the question hours Cong Member Asha Kumari said that a number of contractors were facing delay in the payment as goverment has demanding M- Form of the construction material used in Development works.
She said that most of works which have completed were not being remitted payment as they are forced to submit M- Form. She said that most of payment is being delayed in Mandi and Shimla district and contractors are not able to complete their other works due to shortage of funds.
Replying to the query Jalshakti Minister Mahinder Singh Thakur who was replying in absence of Chief minister said that condition was imposed by court to submit the M form . This case was listed in the court in few days and government would asked it’s counsel to plead the matter . He said that govt would seek in the Court to exempt such projects from M- form condition which are alloted before passing the court order. The condition of M form should be applied on those cases which were not completed after the passing of court order.


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