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October 8, 2020
HP-DGP Sanjay Kundu said that Kumar’s body was found by his son and daughter-in-law at around 7:10 pm when they were heading out of their house for a walk.
Kumar usually meditated in his attic in the evening but they found the door leading to the attic locked from the inside. They broke open two doors to reach the attic and found the victim hanging from the ceiling by a rope.
They cut open the rope and brought him down, and informed the police who arrived at the scene and rushed him to hospital. Kumar was declared brought dead.
Kumar’s wife told the police that he had visited the Mall Road and Kalibari temple in the afternoon, said Kundu.
He said the family is not suspecting any foul play. “We found a lucid suicide note from the spot in which Kumar wrote that he is ending his life due to disease and disability,” said Kundu, adding that it’s still a matter of investigation what disease he was suffering from.
According to the DGP, the suicide note read, “I am ending my life. Everyone be happy. My soul is embarking on a new journey.”
He said that a forensic team has collected the rope, ladder and other items found related to the suicide and the spot of the incident has has been photographed. The statements of the family members were being recorded by the police.
The autopsy of the deceased will be conducted on Thursday, said the police.


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