Shimla, Oct 8

Surinder Thakur, resident of Chamyana, Shimla captured a live video of a Leopard hunting a pet dog near Dingu temple in Sanjouli’s outskirt last night.

Thakur informed that the leopard tossed the dog over the iron railing and successfully carried away a pet dog from the courtyard of the house at 1330 hrs when the entire neighborhood was in deep sleep.

The Video clipping show the leopards entering in the area and jumping over the railing and dragging away the prey underneath the belly. It draged the pet for 15 meter and disappear from sight soon.

The owner of the house informed me that in the past seven decades it’s for the first instance when any leopards carried away the pet from their premises and after this incident there is a great panic in the area.

Thakur has also informed the wild life authority to put trap to capture this leopards to assure the safety of pets and children as it could enter again in the area again. The locality is thickly populated and has a number of pets, animals, and stray dogs which are attracting these leopards.

He said that people of the area are already living in the fury of Monkey menace as they are also attacking and inflicting bites on people during the day and now the presence of Leopards in the areas giving them sleepless night.


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