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Shimla, Feb 12
In the pursuit to provide quality, valuable information to our readers, we have created an online link for the newly proposed Draft development plan for Shimla, which has come to light. Himachal Pradesh Urban Development Minister Suresh Bhardwaj unveiled the draft of Shimla Development Plan after 42 yrs of enactment of Town & Country Planning act 1979, here on Tuesday.
Bhardwaj who is the Shimla urban legislators said ” Stake holders could file objections and
suggestion on the draft plan within one month from this date could be filled
till the final publication of the notification in the Official Gazette.  Before publication
and after filing objection it would sent to be vetted by the law and finance department before bringing it  into the cabinet  meeting for gaining finality before notification.”
Just click on the link and read or download your copy of the Draft Shimla Development plan 2041.


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