Shimla resident raises concerns over new Super-Specialty hospital’s unsafe access road

Shimla, April 21

Dr. Shiv Goel, a 70-year-old resident of Shimla, has raised concerns over the dangerous approach road to the newly opened super-specialty hospital in Chamiyana. In a statement to the press, Dr. Goel stated that he found the road to be in a pathetic condition, with narrow curves, potholes, and steep downhill slopes.

Dr. Goel has questioned the selection of such a site for a super-specialty hospital, and has called for a judicial inquiry into the matter. He has also criticized the decision to make the hospital operational before the road was properly widened or mettled, and has asked why an alternative approach road was not built to cope with future traffic conditions.

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The presence of a gas agency enroute also adds to the woes of pedestrians and commuters. The retired doctor has urged authorities to act before the problem worsens, equating it with the current difficulties faced by patients trying to access the IGMC hospital in the city.

Furthermore, Dr. Goel has expressed concerns about the functionality of the hospital during the winter season, given the steep approach road, leading to here.

Dr. Goel’s concerns have highlighted the negligence of the authorities in the selection of the site and the construction of the hospital. He has called for immediate action to widen and mettle the road, and to identify an alternative approach road that takes into account future traffic conditions.

The functioning of the hospital must be stopped until the road is widened and sufficiently mettled. The people of Shimla deserve better, and it is time for the authorities to take responsibility for their negligence, suggest other citizens.


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