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State forms panel to probe anomalies in a Pvt University

Shimla, Nov 20

After a decade of the mushrooming of a large number of private universities in Himachal Pradesh, there is currently a sudden decline in the quality of education, with institutions being involved in flagrant violations of prescribed norms and anomalies in the appointment of faculties.

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According to official sources in the government, a state fact-finding panel has been formed to investigate irregularities in Indus International University.

The panel has begun the probe to determine why such institutions, once known for higher reputation, are now earning a bad name and remaining in controversy over the years.

The Regulatory Commission has been repeatedly receiving complaints against the operation of Indus International University, citing violations of University Grants Commission (UGC) guidelines.

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In addition to this, student enrolment is continuously declining, and due to conflicts of interest within the management, staff members are not receiving routine and nominal salaries.

As mentioned earlier, the Himachal Pradesh Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Commission has summoned the university management earlier.

The rationale behind initiating the probe at the state government level is based on the commission’s discreet findings, revealing various irregularities in the university’s affairs.

The HPPEIRC is of the view that Indus University cannot be allowed to continue running under these circumstances. The state government is now awaiting a report from the fact-finding panel to determine the circumstances leading to the possible discontinuation of the university after ten years of its existence.

Previously, the Regulatory Commission had recommended the government to close Indus University, and the commission has submitted a report to the government regarding this matter.


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