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Ridge ..but not a playground- II

The ‘Natti’ performance by 600 local artists on first day of the summer festival was indeed attractive. As hundreds crowded on all sides of...

Dawdling story of the city mobility plan

Come summer days and like always one notices that the urban sprawl has extended far beyond the existing territorial jurisdiction of the city administration...

Vol 2 Issue 31

Vol 2 Issue 26

Vol 2 Issue 18

Vol2 Issue 16

‘Simla’ a Brit marvel- Say voices of dissent

A couple of days after the state government nodded to consider the move to change the name ‘Shimla’ to Shyamala’ has triggered a row...

Vol 2 Issue 11

‘Ladies park’ of Shimla …No longer

The MCs restoration and renovation plans included providing beautiful fountains, children parks, a public convenience building, etc., while also connecting the upcoming rope way project from the New Inter State Bus Terminus to the Mall,to be terminated near this Park making it a congregating point for tourists and visitors. A purely commercial venture at the cost of destroying Heritage!  But all this at what Cost? By displacing women and girls from this place, by relocating their institutes to another end of the city, in a god forbidden place not at all suited for their safety!