Old photo of the Mall road area on the day the NSG conducted investigation in the eatery blast matter

Twist in Shimla Mall Road eatery blast: NSG investigation contradicts gas leak theory

Shimla, Nov 9

In a recent development surrounding the ‘Shimla Mall Road eatery blast’ case on July 18, the National Bomb Data Centre (NBDC) has found that the explosion may not be a result of LPG gas leak, which killed two people and injured several others near the heritage and crowded Mall of Shimla, confirmed IB sources.

Noteworthy, that the National Bomb Data Centre (NBDC), established in 1988 and operating under the aegis of the NSG, is the premier national agency for Post Blast Investigation (PBI) and maintains records of blast-related incidents across the country.

The National Security Guard (NSG) team dispatched from Delhi to investigate the incident has now reportedly revealed that the explosion on Shimla’s Mall Road was not a result of gas leakage but rather involved the use of explosive substance. “The NSG team investigating the matter has said that residuals of High intensity explosive was found from the investigation,” confirmed IB sources.

Pertinent to mention that the Himachal Pradesh Police had sought the assistance of the National Security Guards’ (NSG) National Bomb Data Centre (NBDC) to conduct a thorough and expeditious investigation into the incident.

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The blast occurred at 7:12 pm near the Police Control Room, claiming the lives of two individuals and injuring 6 others, with extensive damage to 7 to 8 shops. In the aftermath of the incident, a case was registered at Police Station, Sadar, Shimla, under sections 336, 337, and 304 A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

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Initially, Shimla Police handled the case, followed by the formation of a Special Investigation Team (SIT). The SIT, led by SP Shimla Sanjeev Gandhi, initially attributed the blast to a cylinder explosion, awaiting confirmation from the final report of the State Forensic Science Laboratory (SFSL) in Junga, which initially suggested gas leakage.

Later, six days after the incident, on July 23, the NSG conducted a thorough investigation, sealing off the affected area and deploying a team of approximately 20 commandos. Their findings, as per media reports, have contradicted the gas leakage theory, confirming the use of explosive material in the blast.

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Reportedly, the case has now been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for further examination, raising new questions about the nature of the explosive substance involved. The full details are expected to emerge as the CID delves into the matter.


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