CPM demands relief for people
*Gives ultimatum to launch agitation in HP

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Shimla, Nov 1, 2020
The CPM has expressed grave concern over the rising inflation in the country and the state and strongly condemned the governments for failing to curb the rising prices.
In a press communique issued here on Sunday, Sanjay Chauhan, Secretary of the State CPM, has strongly criticized the state government and the Centre for having not been able to provide any relief to the public during the last seven months during the COVID-19 pandemic times.
He has further stated the governments have allowed increase in the prices of petrol, diesel, ration, electricity, water, school and examination fees, property tax etc. during this period.
Chauhan has said that the people have been put under more economic burden which has led them in the financial crisis. He has pointed out that due to the neglect, today the prices of food items including potatoes, onions, edible oils, vegetables, pulses etc. are skyrocketing. He has said that the government machinery is not taking any appropriate steps to curb the rising prices. The state CPM has demanded the government to immediately withdraw the increase in electricity, water, ration, school and examination fees, property and other taxes taking concrete steps to curb the rising prices of food items in the market. Chauhan has further demanded relief, of Rs 7,500 and 10 kg free ration per person per person to everyone, who are not income tax payers. He has given an ultimatum to the government if relief is not provided to the people belonging to non-IT payers the CPM will mobilize the people and launch an agitation in the state.
The statement has further said that since March 2020 lockdown has been imposed in the country and the state due to COVID-19, and the majority of the oeople have been rendered un-employed and the earnings of labourers, farmers, small shopkeepers and other small businesses have been badly affected leading to their economic crisis. Almost all the sectors have been affected by this and most of them are still unable to earn their livelihood. Tourism, industry, transport, agriculture sector industries and other businesses have been shut down for most of the time. Lakhs of people have lost their jobs and even today they are going through crisis. During this crisis, it is the responsibility of the government to provide relief to the people. He has said that the government is turning its eyes away to the crisis and not providing relief. On the contrary, the taxes, fees and levies have been increased, putting more burden on the people. He said the state government has increased the rates of installation of electricity and meters and private schools and colleges have been allowed to charge tuition fees and other charges.This will put more economic burden on the people in this crisis period.
Chauhan has said, the CPM believes that only the capitalists and corporate houses are being benefitted from the neo-liberal policies being implemented by the central and state governments, whereas the working people of the country including the workers, farmers, small shopkeepers and businessmen are all affected. The unemployment crisis has arisen manifolds. Due to these policies, the economy of the state and the country is shaken showing negative economic growth. The CPM has made appeal to all organizations and unions to support the party in joint agitation, if government fails to announce relief measures for the economically affected people.


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